Monday, December 12, 2011

It's time to think about future... =)

I have past my SPM exam so i think i want work  first before we get the result....actually i want work because i never has work experience even thought i work at Seri Pacific hotel for 1 days because of i follow my family to after i get my SPM result i think i want study back but it's up to my result if  got lot's of A or not..hurmm if not i think i want work as banking first if i get it if not i will work at somewhere else if my dad give permission...if i got lot's of A i think i want continue my study in matrikulasi and continue my degree at UIAM... that's all after that maybe work first then continue in master..if my economy stable maybe then i will marry someone that's all..if not i will try hard on my job untill i can support my family.... =) that's what i want in the future....=) this only my plan but Allah to determine....

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